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Some questions


I have the next questions for you.
Please, i need your help because my enterprise is evaluating some tools for Bussines Analys to buy some as soon as posible.

How can i import diagrams from Case Complete to Enterprise Architect?
Can I import a Case Complete project to Enterprise Architect?
Have any cost the use of web page ?
Is it mandatory to have a license for useing web page?
How many projects web page supports?
Can i import diagrams from Enterprise Architect to Case Complete?
How much is it the cost training into our instalations in Nuevo León, México?
How is the comunication between Case Complete and TFS?
Wich project’s elements can i import from case complete to TFS?

Thank's a lot.

Cristal Monsiváis

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You can read all about CaseComplete integrations with Enterprise Architect and TFS here:
You can import a CaseComplete project to Enterprise Architect; this handy video shows the steps to do that: is free and you do not need CaseComplete to create an account or to review projects, items, or polls shared with you. However you do need to have CaseComplete in order to upload your own projects, and you can upload as many projects as you want!

There is no direct way to import a diagram from Enterprise Architect to CaseComplete, but if you can export your Enterprise Architect diagram as an image file (png, jpg, etc) then you can import that image into a CaseComplete diagram or add it as a related document.

All of our training videos are online and you can access them here:

Ryan Travers
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Hi Cristal,

I'll contact you shortly via a separate email with the answers to your questions. Thanks!

Jason Payne 0 votes
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