Sparx Enterprise Architect or other UML design tools

If you use a UML design tool, such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, you can export your project to these tools using the XMI format. Select Connect / Export / UML. You'll be prompted to choose an export file and a number of export options. Select Export and you'll generate an xml file that can be imported by your design tool.

The export will include:

  • Use cases, actors, packages and their descriptions.
  • Associations between use cases and their primary and supporting actors.
  • Include relationships between use cases when a use case references another in its flow of events.
  • Requirements are exported as tagged values of the package that contains them. Requirements referenced from a use case are exported as tagged values of the use case.
  • Classes for each definition. Fields for each definition are exported as attributes on the class. These classes can be used as a starting point for your domain analysis.
  • Tagged values for use case properties, such as priority and status, which are not part of standard UML.
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    Keith Matthews

    I may be missing something but is there (should there be, or will there be) an import from UML/XMI?

    And/or is there a way to import a whole use case with steps and sub steps etc., rather than just the high level information demonstrated in the Excel import? Again I may be missing something.

    What I am trying to do is string several use cases together to make one, so I thought I could put them all in one package in order, export them to something, excel?, do a few quick changes, and then import them as one use case. In this way I could create a whole test scenario of several use cases working together to export to QC. I know I can do a similar export to QC from a package and then change a few columns there but what I have in mind would be more convenient.

    e.g. Logon (Success) + Homepage (Success) + Search for X (Success) + Edit X = 1 whole tets scenario.

    Any ideas?


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    Steve Pullan

    The UML/XMI export apparently only supports XMI 1.4, and I need XMI 2.1 to import into Visual Studio 2010.

    A full export of the whole project including interdependencies, diagrams, use cases etc. would be extremely useful to transfer the CaseComplete project to VS2010.

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    Bryan Kelly

    EA 12 and CC2015 should be XMI compatible - I work with both tools, EA is not a great BA tool though I have tried to use it this way, CC is better for direct stakeholder dialogs.

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