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Version number for each requirement

Are version numbers maintained for each requirement and are they accessible in a custom report? We're looking to import our requirements into Jira and our development group would like to set it up that only requirements that have changed would be imported (filtered on the Jira side). Thanks!

Paul Kiyono

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Hi Paul,
In addition to the versioning techniques that Jason points out, another thought I had is that you could use the Date Modified field to accomplish this. When you export to Excel from CaseComplete, you could filter by DateModified to exclude those requirements that haven't changed since the last export to Jira. You could do this in the excel report like this:
$listRequirementsSortID where DateModified > 5/1/2014
(where 5/1 represents the last export to Jira)

Or, perhaps easier, you could set up a filter in CaseComplete. BTW, in case you or future readers of this question haven't seen it, we have an article that explains exporting to Jira via Excel here:
The article shows a sample filter based on type. You would change that to filter on the Date Modified field.

Doug Earl 0 votes

Thanks- appreciate the information and suggestions. We're using the article to help guide us in getting our requirements from Case Complete to Jira. We had considered using the date modified field; however, we have run into the scenario where multiple changes have been made on the same day for a single requirement- which doesn't affect the filter, but won't be necessarily meaningful in Jira. The date in combination with a filter will allow us to provide our development group with the "latest and greatest" requirements. The other option would be to add and export a custom field- the downside of course is that it relies on the user to increment the version number- and we all know that often the problem with these processes lies between the chair and the keyboard ;).
Thanks again.

Paul Kiyono 0 votes