Comparing Project Versions and Baselines

There are a few ways you can compare different versions of your project.

Securely publish your projects to on the web from the Connect tab. As you republish, you can see the history of all the changes made to each item.

Track Changes

There is a feature called Track Changes on the Tools menu. When you turn that on, any changes to the project are tracked, similar to the way Word works when you turn on change tracking.

You can see what has changed by selecting Show Changes. When you’re ready to incorporate those changes into your latest baseline, select Accept Changes.

Word Compare

One of the easiest options is to baseline the documents that you’re generating. That is, periodically generate a document and store it in a document management system that lets you keep different versions (Sharepoint, etc.). You can then use the Compare feature in Word to see the changes in different versions of the document.

This approach will give you the familiar strikeout that you see when tracking changes in Word. It will also make it easy for your stakeholders to see the differences in documents they have already reviewed.

Version Control

You could use your version control system to baseline and pull different versions of your project files. You can't perform these operations in CaseComplete - you'd need to work directly with your version control system.

This would let you open different versions of the same project, but doesn't give an easy way to compare versions.

If you're using CaseComplete's built-in version control (Subversion), you can run the included Revision History Word report. The report includes revision number, date, user and comments for each diagram and package file check-in.

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