Transferring my license to a new computer

Click on Tools / Deactivate and follow the instructions. Once deactivated, CaseComplete can be installed and activated on your new machine using the same serial number that you originally used. If you don't know your serial number, find that by following these instructions before deactivating. If you no longer have access to the old computer, please submit a support request.

You can also check to see what version your serial number is valid to activate by entering it into the Serial Number Status page.

If you need to install an older version on your new computer, you can download it here. Otherwise download the trial version, which is the same as the latest full product version. Once installed, activate it using Tools / Activate.

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    Michael Farrell

    How do I reinstall CaseComplete 2009? I have a new PC but since uninstalling the 2011 Beta, can no longer use my old valid license purchased in 2009.

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    Dwight Ford

    I have a similar problem. I installed the new version as a trial thinking I would upgrade on my new machine. I have decided not to do this - at least not yet and I want to install the old version using my current license. How to I find that version?

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    Doug Earl

    Hi, previous versions of CaseComplete are available for download here:

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