Installing previous versions

Not all versions of CaseComplete are file-compatible.  Check the release notes for compatibility details.

Click the version link below to download the installer. Your serial number will activate any version released before your maintenance period expires (usually 1 year after your purchase).


Release Date

Latest Mar 15, 2017
2016 Apr 12, 2016
2015 Mar 25, 2015
2014 R2 Aug 13, 2014
2014 Mar 10, 2014
2013 Apr 1, 2013
2012 R2 Aug 15, 2012
2012 Oct 3, 2011
2011 Feb 9, 2011


If you need the most recent version, just download the trial (which is identical to the purchased version).

Not sure which versions your serial number will activate? Check that here.

Have a license for an older version not listed here? Contact support.

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