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There are use cases and there are Actors. One thing that prevents a project from being a success is the lack of process ownership. In this regard, we always refer to a RA(S)CI diagram, which we try to maintain for all our processes.

I really miss this functionality in Case Complete, and I was not able to solve this by adding custom field, as this involves a many-to-many relationship. Having a RACI would realy make Case Complete more complete :)

Martijn Sandbergen

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HI Martijn,
I already sent you a reply in a separate communication, but for the benefit of the community, I'll repeat it here.

If you can live without the matrix format, here's what you could do: First, define 4 custom fields for use cases: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Then, fill them in, referencing actors by name or by ID, separating multiple actors by space or comma (doesn't matter). You can then create a custom Word or Excel report that shows the relationship in both directions: for each use case show the referenced actors, and for each actor show the use cases that reference it. Take a look at the Requirements Cross Reference report - this report would be similar in nature.

You'd probably want to separate references by kind (i.e. put all the "Responsibles" together, etc.). Here's a rough outline of how you could do that:

$ID $Name
$groupReferencedActorsByRefLocation where InCustomField = True
$listCurrentGroup $ID $Name


Output would look like this:

UC-123 Make Lunch

Restaurant Manager

You'd also want to add a separate section for Referencing use cases for each actor, which would be quite similar to the above.

This would create a report that has the same information as a RACI matrix, just in a different format.

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