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Peer Review?

I'm working as a business analyst on a large ERP project and am planning on using CaseComplete. I used the product on a previous ERP implementation strictly to document business processes and build test cases. It was quite successful, so on this second effort, I would like to use the product in a broader sense (that it was designed for) to capture Requirements, build diagrams, Use Cases, and develop Test Cases.

To that end, I would welcome a review of what I've done so far to get feedback from those in the community that are more experienced with CaseComplete and UML techniques, etc. For instance, I'm not always clear on the difference between a Use Case and a Business Process. I'm documenting the Business Processes as what functions this new system will need to support and plan to identify as Requirements those things that the system must do in order to support the process. Does that make sense? Anyone willing to review where I'm going with this?

Steve Adams

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