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Best Practices when creating Packages

I will have a large number of Use Cases defined around Processing an Order. I would think "Order Management" is a good candidate for a Package containing these Use Cases. However, I have gotten into the habit of defining Packages around Actors (okay, Departments). It has been convenient to assign a Package with all its Use Cases and Test cases to a particular Process Owner (okay, manager) for them to review, approve, and conduct the testing, etc. If I create an "Order Management" package, that cuts across several departments: Order Entry, Credit, and Customer Service, etc. Any thoughts on the best approach to take with this?

Steve Adams

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Steve, you can get the same benefit (organization around manager for approvals, etc.) by adding a field for department to the use case. You can then order the use cases by this new field in your output. You can even prompt for the department if you want separate documents per department. In this way, the package organization can be order management, but you can still produce output for each department to review and test their areas of interest. That's one possibility. You could then use your normal document output to show people the "Big Picture".

Hope this helps.

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