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Dictionary, UC, actor, requirements delimiters

Just like you can control the formatting (font, underline) of these items, I'd like to be able to configure delimiters for these items. I'm using CC to write my requirements and then exporting through a custom report and copying into a media wiki. I've built my glossary page (via a custom report) and want to include links to the glossary page and term in my requirements but there's no easy way to specify a delimiter (I'd be happy to be able to specify a starting and ending 2 character delimiter that would print in the output and then I could find/replace to put my media wiki delimiters in.

I think I'm going to have to define my dictionary items with the delimiters in them (I.e. ,. And ., or -~ and ~-) and then rely on autocomplete. This will make the requirements a bit harder to read (and type) but in the end it will be an automation win.

Mary D'Arrigo

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If the delimiters aren't actually needed in CaseComplete, and are only necessary for the system(s) external to your project, you could add the delimiters to your custom report instead. For example:


...would give you an output like:

-~Account Holder~-
-~Credit Score~-

...and so forth. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but could be an option for you.

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