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Working offline - shared project

My client has Case Complete installed and has a shared project which is accessed by myself and others (on the client's PCs / internal network).

I have my own licenced copy of Case Complete and will be travelling interstate to work on the project for the client. I'm looking for a way to work offline using my own notebook PC which will not be connected to the client's network.

I'm wondering if I can do something like the following:

Check out the project on my client's PC then copy the CC project files across to my own notebook PC where I can work on the project during my trip.
When I return, copy the files back over the checked out files on the client's PC, then check them back in.

Can anyone confirm that this will work? Is there a better way to go?



David Beal

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Hi David,

If it’s at all possible, connecting remotely via VPN on your notebook would be a safer way to go, so you can check in/out files as needed.

Barring that, this is much how the version control system is designed to work, with the exception of copying files. Before you'll be offline - that is, unable to connect to the central, shared repository - you should check out any files that you'll need to modify so that you can do so.

We don't support and never recommend cutting, copying or pasting files or folders outside of the software. However, if it's for some reason not possible for you to join the project with your notebook and check the files out, this should work, on the condition that no one continues working in the project from the client's PC while you're gone.

As long as you know which files you'll need, you should be able to check those out, then copy the entire working folder to your notebook - including all hidden files and folders. Keep in mind that anything you check out will be inaccessible (to check out and modify) to anyone else working in the project while you're gone. Once you get back, copying everything back to the client PC should work fine.

Jason Payne
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Thanks for the response. The scenario I described is not at all ideal and I'm working on other options. However it sounds like the above could work in a pinch.

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