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Classifying requirements - how to

This may seem like a pretty basic question, but here goes.


You have a long list of requirements.  How do you classify them into types?  There are some really clear ones such as "The system must send an email notification when the account balance drops below $10 USD."  This type would be clearly functional.  But how about: "The system must store all records on WORM media for a period of seven (7) years after they are created" which is a regulatory rule?  I can see this as a business rule, it could also be a constraint, it could be non-functional or it could even, in my mind, be functional as the system will have to DO certain things in order to satisfy this requirement. I cannot find any really straightforward resources that would enable to to accurately classify a requirement.


Additionally, MUST all requirements be association with either use cases or user stories? How can you ensure that a requirement is satisfied if it "stands alone?"

Tischler, John

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