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Is this the Best Way to State a Requirement

Can Someone pease take a look at the requirement below and tell me if there is a better way to define this requirement using CaseComplete.


We state the requirement but then have sub items underneath.  IS there a better way to describe this requirements?


Regular line holders (bid line consists of scheduled trips only) - do not qualify for ABG, not even if they pick up a flight on their day off

If the Company requests an Regular FA to sit reserve on a previously scheduled day off the FA will receive the greater of 3.5 hours or actual block hours flown. 

  1. If the FA is over the 75 hour minimum guarantee the FA receives the time as Bonus hours

  2. In order to flag Company requested flying can we add "BFH" to the Crew Calendar Pay Protect tab?

      a. If BFH is selected the system will auto populate the FA Reserve pay protected time (see requirement 3)

      b. Also, if BFH is selected this code will be used to signify to the Pay Summary and Report that if the FA meets the minimum guarantee the greater of actual or pay protect should go toward bonus flight hours.

          i. If this is the case, add the greater of actual or pay protect to the ADJ row of the Bonus Hours Day Off column

Robert Umstead

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