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Formatting issues with Related Documents

Hi everyone!

Having a couple of issues with Related Documents.

  • Embedded Excel files show only the first page of the document.  Is there a way to get the whole document to display in paged format (I don't think so).
  • Linked documents point to CC working directory.  Should we be attaching/referencing documents from a shared network location, since putting them in the CC working directory results in links that do not work?
  • Weird formatting changes for "random" embedded documents.  Most of our documents involve tables of some sort, and it appears that, in some cases, embedding a table into a CC table (which genearally preserves the existing layout) causes the formatting of the entire document (or, more exactly, subsequent pieced) to change.  In most cases, the requirements are pushed far to the right and extended downward.  Has anyone else experienced this sort of change, and have you been able to identify the cause (and a potential resolution)?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

Best regards,


Tom Tomasovic Answered

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Hi, Tom. Allow me to touch on your questions below:

  • Embedded Excel files: As it turns out, this is a limitation of Microsoft's OLE process, so your suspicion was correct. Only the first page of an Excel file can be displayed within a Word document.
  • Linked documents: Yes and no. First off, you may have noticed that your report first needs to be saved for any links to work at all. In addition, for Word to be able to locate (and let you view/open from your generated report) your related documents, your generated report needs to be saved in the same location as your related documents. So, you can put all of your related documents in a shared location and then save your generated reports there, but you lose the ability to have your related documents version-controlled when they're not in your working folder. You could also approach this from the other direction - keep your related docs AND your generated reports in your working folder, then share the lot of them as a whole when you're ready (ie, copy them to a network location).
  • Formatting: I'm not sure of the specifics behind this one, but there are quite often problems that result - as you've seen - when trying to embed tables within tables when generating Word reports from CaseComplete, and is best avoided. If you can remove the extra layer of tables and use $repeat statements instead, I think you'll find that your template yields much more consistent results, and won't change the formatting in the rest of your report.
Jason Payne 0 votes

Hi Jason!

Thanks for the response.

I still need to digest the information on related documents, so I will probably get back to that question later.

Can I send a document to you, so that you can see specifically what I am talking about with regard to the "funky" formatting?  I would upload one, but I'd prefer to keep it out of the public stream.

Please let me know.



Tom Tomasovic 0 votes

It appears as though when your related document (word or otherwise) is more than 1 page and it gets included in the report using "include as image" you only see the first page. We got around this problem by showing related document content this way



Related Documents


$listRelatedDocuments $Name


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