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Missing diagram links??

I'm creating use case diagrams and there appear to be missing links to requirements.  When I view a requirement and check the "Referenced By" tab, I see the use case. But in the diagram, when I click Add Related Shapes/Connectors, the link does not appear.  If I add the requirement to the diagram manually, the link still does not appear. 

The attachment shows an example of this. Looking at the requirement "REQ-UAS-3.2 Searching for Users" you can see that there is an ID Link to "UC-UAS-12 Add User" and an Explicit link to "UC-UAS-13 Modify User".  In the Use Case Diagram the link to Modify User appears as a Reference, the link to Add User is missing. I would expect to see an "ID Link" like there is shown between Add User / Modify User and "REQ-UAS-1 ID Must be Unique"

 What am I doing wrong, any ideas?

Thank you


Michele Cross Answered

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As it turns out, you've uncovered a defect in how ID links to child requirements are (mis)handled.

As a workaround, I recommend that you right click on the use case UC-UAS-12 and Add Related Shapes/Connectors a second time, once the referenced requirement is already on the diagram. This should add in only the missing ID link reference. Alternatively, you could right click on the requirement and Add Related Shapes/Connectors, but I suspect this will add far more information to your diagram than you're looking for.

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Ha - that's me, bug magnet.  Thanks Jason.  I found that when I manually added the links, CC would create an additional "explicit" link and so then when we ran the UC Reports, the requirement would appear twice.  Not sure if this will disappear if I rename it as an ID link?  I have tried Adding Related Shapes/Connectors a second time from the Use Case and it still didn't add the required link in.  I have been using the workaround of Adding Related Shapes/Connectors from the requirement and just deleting the ones I don't want.  My concern is that since this has become a manual process, some links will be missed.   We have rather a large project (I think 400+ use cases at last count?) and each use case has a diagram which may be wrong as nobody else seems to have noticed this problem until now although we use child requirements quite extensively.  Any chance of a fix on the horizon? (she asked hopefully)

Michele Cross 0 votes

Hi Michele,

This will be fixed in an update to the current release. Unfortunately it's not feasible to go back to fix the earlier version of the product. I'll contact you via email to talk about getting you upgraded.



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