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Is there a list of CaseComplete terms with their definitions?

Yesterday, in a meeting with my project's sponsor and the lead developer, I referenced CaseComplete's capability of segmenting a project into packages. This led to a confusing conversation that took a while to unwind. The term package has specific meanings depending on the context, and the "CaseComplete context" isn't the one that first comes to mind for most people. Thinking about ways of avoiding this type of issue in the future it dawned on me that a CaseComplete Glossary would be very useful (not the glossary that CaseComplete can create for a project, but one that is already made and contains terms used with case complete - "package", for example. Does this exist somewhere? Thanks. - Dan

Fitzgerald, Dan (MDH) Answered

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Hi Dan,

Great idea.  I've created a new article that defines some common terms used by CaseComplete:

It's just a start, so if you (or anyone else reading this) thinks of other terms you'd like included in the list, let us know.

Also, I'll take this opportunity to mention a couple features that are easy to miss that you may find helpful: CaseComplete comes with a PowerPoint presentation, Introduction to Use Cases, which is useful to go through with stakeholders who are new to use cases (access this from the Getting Started section of the start page in CaseComplete).  Second, on the details forms (e.g. use case details), there is a question mark button in the upper right.  Clicking it opens a side-window which shows information about each field in the form as you click on the field.

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