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Include repository version in report

I want to include the latest repository revision number on the front-page of my report (we are using subversion).

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a "global" access to this number. My work-around is to loop through all packages and diagrams and record the highest revision number found - for large projects, this is a very slow process...
However, when the report is based on a filter, e.g. subset of requirements, this does not work. There are no packages nor diagrams in the top level context of the report.
Any ideas? short of whishing access to the revision number of the repository...

Lars Kristensen

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Hi Lars, thanks for getting in touch with us. You're correct in that there isn't really a "global" access to get the number, assuming you're using $RevisionNumber - it's only valid in certain contexts of your template. However, I think that this should be accessible at the top level of your filtered report template, outside of other contexts.

I think we can help cut down some of the time it takes to find the highest number, too. By using a where clause and an approximated date range, you could limit what gets repeated, as well as a $ShowOnce to only display the first revision.

If you'd like, please feel free to send us what you've got - - and we'll take a look and offer more detailed pointers as applicable. :-)

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