Azure DevOps Upload

You can upload CaseComplete items into Microsoft's Azure DevOps. You'll find this functionality on the Connect tab. Go ahead and click on the Azure DevOps button.

Connect Azure DevOps

You're prompted to select an Azure DevOps Server and Team Project to connect to. Go ahead and make your selections and click the Connect button.

Select Azure DevOps Server Project

A new window appears prompting you to select CaseComplete items you want to upload to Azure DevOps. You can choose where to get the items from and what kinds of items to upload. Make your selections and click the Next button.

Select CaseComplete Items

The Mapping tab opens. Select what types of Azure DevOps Work Items to create for the uploaded CaseComplete items. Make your selections and click the Next button.

Select Work Item Types

The Fields tab opens only if your Azure DevOps project has any required fields. This tab allows you to map CaseComplete custom fields or values to required Work Item fields. Map your fields and click the Next button.

Map Required Fields

The Summary tab opens. You see what types and how many CaseComplete items will be uploaded to your selected Azure DevOps project. And you can save your upload settings in a profile. Go ahead and click the Upload button to start the upload process.


Once complete, you'll see a confirmation message indicating how many items were uploaded. Click the Done button to close the window.

Upload Complete

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