Using TFS for Shared Projects

If you have CaseComplete Professional build 13.0.6841 or newer installed, you can use TFS for storing your shared projects without the need to install any additional software. And the remainder of this article can be skipped.

If you have CaseComplete Professional build 13.0.6696 or older installed, you'll need to have the 32-bit TFS MSSCCI Provider installed. You can get that here:

Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider

You may be prompted to install Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2013 when installing the MSSCCI Provider. If you are, you can get that here:

Team Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

After you have the MSSCCI Provider installed, start CaseComplete and you'll see Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider as an option when joining or sharing a project. If you have more than one MSSCCI Provider compliant version control system installed (e.g. TFS and Visual Source Safe) and don't see TFS as an option, you might need to switch your default MSSCCI Provider to TFS. One way to do this is with the SCC Switch Provider, which you can get here:

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