What version control systems does CaseComplete integrate with?

CaseComplete integrates with many version control systems allowing you to create shared projects to collaborate with team members. Some of the version control systems that CaseComplete integrates with include:

  • The CaseComplete Shared Project AddIn that is packaged with CaseComplete, allowing you to create shared projects on a shared drive without any additional software. (The shared drive must be on your LAN. It won't work with file-syncing services such as DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive).
  • Subversion servers such as Visual SVN Server (for CC 2014 and earlier, please use Version 2.1.16 dated August 12, 2013 found here).
  • Web-hosted subversion servers such as RiouxSVN, ASSEMBLAProjectLocker, and Beanstalk.
  • Systems that support the Microsoft® MSSCCI interface. Such systems include Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft® Team Foundation Server (requires MSSCCI plugin, available from vendor’s website), AccuRev (requires AccuBridge plugin, available from vendor’s website) and PureCM. Other version control systems that support MSSCCI should also work – check with your version control vendor.

Whether you use the built-in Shared Project Addin or incorporate a more robust third-party version control system on the back end really depends on the size and the shape of your team. If you have a fairly small team (five or fewer users) that are on the same local network, the Shared Project Addin should work just fine. If you have a larger team, or if your team is spread out across multiple locations, you should consider using server-based version control (like Subversion server). Using a server based system reduces the amount of file system traffic generated and will help improve the performance and robustness of version control operations with CaseComplete.

Need some documentation on how to use CaseComplete with these version control systems? Look here.

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