What version control systems does CaseComplete integrate with?

CaseComplete utilizes version control for shared projects, allowing teams to collaboratively work on projects. The version control systems CaseComplete integrates with include:

  • CaseComplete's built-in version control (based on Subversion) enables you to create shared projects on a shared network drive without any additional software. (The network drive must be on your LAN and all team members must have full-control access to it. It won't work with file-syncing services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.)
  • On-premise Subversion server such as Visual SVN Server, Apache, and Subversion Edge.
  • Cloud-based Subversion server such as RiouxSVN, ASSEMBLAProjectLocker, and Beanstalk.
  • On-premise Microsoft Azure DevOps Server (formerly called Team Foundation Server or TFS).
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Azure DevOps Services (formerly called Visual Studio Online). Azure DevOps is free for up to 5 users.

Whether you use the built-in version control with a shared network drive or incorporate a more robust third-party version control server really depends on the size and location of your team. If you have a small team (five or fewer users) that are on the same local network, the built-in version control should work just fine. If you have a larger team, or if your team is spread out across multiple locations, you should use a server-based version control system. Server-based systems are generally better performing and more secure.

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