Microsoft Project

You can export your use cases, requirements and user stories1 to Microsoft Project as a starting point for your project plan. To start the export, select Connect / (Export) Project2.

Use cases, requirements and user stories are exported as tasks. Packages are exported as summary tasks. Since Microsoft Project and CaseComplete use different priority schemes, you can map CaseComplete priority to an equivalent Project priority (by default, priority 1 maps to Project priority 1000, priority 2 maps to 900, etc.)

You can also assign an estimated task duration based on use case complexity. You can adjust the duration for each level of complexity.

CaseComplete exports project data as a tab delimited text file. To import the file into Microsoft Project, select File / Open / text, tab delimited file type. This will start the import wizard, which you can quickly go through by accepting all defaults.

Fields that don't map directly to Microsoft Project are exported as generic Project text fields. You can add them as columns in Project and give them meaningful column names. These fields are mapped as follows:

  • Text1 = ID
  • Text2 = Complexity
  • Text3 = Use Case Status
  • Text4 = Implementation Status
  • Text5 = Release


1User story support added in CaseComplete 2015.

2Versions prior to CC2014 use File / Import-Export / Microsoft Project

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