Recover the backup files

Have you ever been working on a project and your PC crashed? How about an unexpected network or power outage? Don't worry - CaseComplete automatically saves backups of any changed files every 5 minutes.

If you're missing data, the recovery process is listed in the four steps below. However, there are two very important things to note before you begin when working with shared projects:

  1. DO NOT perform a Get Latest on the project before committing changes! There are a number of scenarios where this can cause your files - and possibly your entire project - to become corrupted and unreadable.
  2. You must make sure you have the file(s) you're renaming checked out before making any naming edits. If you were working on them, this is likely the case, but someone else may have broken the lock on your file(s) and kept working while you were unable to, so make sure!

Now that you've read the above...

Recover your data from the autosave files

Be sure you can view file extensions in Windows Explorer, then...

  1. Exit CaseComplete.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, rename the file that is missing your data. For example, change myPackageFile.ucp to myPackageFile.ucp.Backup.
  3. Rename the autosaved version of the same file. In keeping with the above example, rename myPackageFile.ucp.autosave to myPackageFile.ucp.
  4. Open your project as usual and revel in your recovered changes.

(Five minutes is the default time span for the autosave. You can increase or decrease the time interval - or disable it altogether - by clicking File / Options, then the General tab on the ribbon bar.)

If you have any questions or concerns before performing any of the above, contact us at and we'd love to help you out of a jam!

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