Hidden Windows shared folder causes check-in error message

Applies to CaseComplete 2014 and earlier versions

Hidden shared folders should not be used as working folders for CaseComplete built-in and Subversion server version controlled shared projects. A hidden shared folder is identified by a dollar sign ($) at the end of the share name.

For example, if you specify a working folder location similar to the following...


...the shared project will not be created correctly and you will receive error messages when trying to check-in changes. For the above path, the files will not be correctly shared and will look like new files that need to be checked-in, similar to the screenshot below:

And when you try to check-in the files, you'll receive an error similar to the message screenshot below:

To workaround this issue, you'll need to map your hidden share to a drive letter and use that instead of using the universal naming convention format directly. For example, instead of the above path, map the share to a drive letter and use that along with the folder path for the working folder. Something similar to the following should work:


This is a known issue with the Subversion client used with CaseComplete 2014 and earlier versions. 

As always, if you have any questions with this or need any help with the workaround just zap a note to support@serlio.com. Thanks!

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