Unable to parse template

When attempting to generate a Word report, you may receive an error that includes the text, Unable to parse template.

There are a few different scenarios that might cause this error, and their descriptions and solutions1 are below.

Problems with Office

Sometimes the Microsoft Office installation becomes corrupted. This is by far the most common cause of this error, and Solution 1 is the first thing you should try.

Solution 1: Run a repair on your Office installation. The exact procedure will vary depending upon what version of Windows you're using. In general, find your Microsoft Office installation in the Control Panel, then click Change or Repair and follow the prompts in order to repair the installation.

Solution 2: Install a Word hotfix from Microsoft. This only applies to Word 2010, and if the Normal.dotm file is located on a network share. Normal.dotm is located in the appdata folder by default, but some users have that folder mapped to a network drive. See Microsoft's knowledge base for the hotfix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2553912

Template issue

Problem: This error may be caused by an incompatibility with your Word report template.

Solution: Further explanation and solutions are presented in the following article: http://casecomplete.zendesk.com/entries/319602-word-has-encountered-a-problem

Prior CaseComplete versions

Problem: You may have multiple versions of CaseComplete installed on a single computer. This sometimes causes a problem with the way that CaseComplete connects with Microsoft Word.

Solution: Uninstall all but one version of CaseComplete.


1If you would like help with any of these steps, please contact us: support@serlio.com

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    Teresa Winer

    Thank you.  Since I was trying to export into Excel, is there similar documentation for issues exporting to Excel?

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    Permanently deleted user

    The final solution above under the heading "Problems with Office" should also resolve problems with Excel.

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