System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown

If you have added pictures within Use Case steps or other rich text areas of your project, you may receive a System.OutOfMemory error. This error causes CaseComplete to stop responding, and you may see a red box and x inside the details page where you were adding pictures. The occurrence of this error can be lessened by using diagrams and related documents to include images in your project, rather than placing images directly into rich text fields.


The rich text controls are part of the Windows environment, and have a limited amout of working memory. Pasting images – which usually contain quite a bit of data – into these areas consumes that memory much more quickly than by including only plain text.

Diagrams and attached documents aren't limited in this way. By using one or both of these additional resources, you can avoid occupying too much memory within rich text fields.

To add a diagram, right click on the item (Use Case, Actor, etc.) you'd like to own the diagram and select Add Diagram, or click Home / Diagram on the ribbon bar and select the appropriate Diagram Owner. You can then insert a reference to the diagram by right-clicking within the item's details page and select Insert Diagram Reference, or by pressing Ctrl + D.

To learn more about diagramming, click the Diagramming Examples tile on the Start Page.

You can also add images to the related documents section. To add a new related document, you can either drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer into the related documents pane, or you can browse to it by selecting "Add related document..." from the right mouse menu. You can also enter a URL in the same manner.

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