Working copy locked

You may receive the following message when performing version control commands:

Version Control Error.  Working Copy <your working folder path> locked

This can be caused when a previous version control operation is interrupted (e.g., you lost your network connection or your computer froze up or lost power while doing a Check In or Undo Checkout).  To resolve this, right click on the top-level package and select Clean Up Working Folder. (For versions prior to 2017, press and hold the Shift key while right clicking).

A confirmation dialog will be presented.  Click Yes.

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    Instead of requiring users to hold down the shift key to see this option please just make it part of the regular drop down box.  This error happens infrequently (but does happen) and therefore it is difficult for people to remember to hold down the shift key to bring up that part of the menu.  I'm not sure there is much danger in just making it a regular part of the menu.  Thanks!

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