Word has encountered a problem

Some report templates created with Word 2003 aren't compatible with Word 2010 and you will receive the error, Word has encountered a problem when you try to generate the report.  If you look at the details, you might see the following information, as well: COMException (0x800A13E9).  There are two possible solutions to this problem:

If your report template is saved as a Word 97-Word 2003 document (.doc file)

You can work around the problem by saving the report template in Word 2010 format:

  1. Click the Edit Template button from the Generate Word Report dialog for the report you wish to convert
  2. In Word, select File / Save As
  3. Choose a folder other than the CaseComplete folder, for example, somewhere in your Documents folder would be appropriate
  4. Change the save as type to Word Document (*.docx)
  5. Make sure Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word is unchecked.

To generate the converted report, select Reports from another folder in the report generation dialog and browse to the folder that you saved your report to in step 3 above.  Then generate the report as you normally would.

If you are using built-in reports or your report template already is saved as a Word 2010 document (.docx fie)

You likely have a setting in Word which instructs it to automatically use the old file format.  Changing the setting will allow reports to be generated:

  1. In Word, click File / Options, then click on the Save options button (along the left side of the dialog)
  2. Change Save files in this format to Word document (*.docx)
  3. Exit word and generate the report as you normally would
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    Michele Cross

    Just wanted to note that I had the same problem as described in the first scenario even though my template was already a docx file created and saved in Word 2007 (not 2003) and I also have the settings to save as docx as described in scenario 2.

    Resaving with the Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word unchecked as described above fixed the issue.



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    Thormod, Steven

    I am still having the same issue after going through all the recommended steps with one exception.

    That exception is resaving with the "Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word unchecked.

    Is this a configration within CaseComplete or a Word feature ... how do I do this?


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    Doug Earl

    Steven, the Maintain compatibility checkbox shows in Word when you perform a Save As on a document that was originally saved with an old version of Word and change it to save using the format for the new version of Word. For example, you take a .doc file and save it as a .docx file.  As Michelle points out, this option is also available when saving a 2007 docx file using Word 2010.

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