Requirement Types

CaseComplete supports the following requirement types.  You may add to or remove from this list via Tools / Built-in Fields (or Tools / Predefined Fields in version 2010 R2 or earlier).  As with all built-in fields, you may also type in any value, even if it doesn't appear in the list.

  • Functional - Defines a behavior of the system, e.g. "Users must be able to print the form".
  • Non-Functional - Defines quality of service aspects of your system such as performance, reliability, scalability, etc. E.g. "User interface must be fully accessible (Section 508 compliant)".
  • Business Rule - Defines business processes or regulations that your application must adhere to. E.g. "Tax must be collected for customers in WI, MN and MI".
  • Constraint - Defines a limit that the design of the system must take into consideration.  E.g. "Must support browser versions 6.0 and later".
  • Performance - A specific kind of non-functional requirement relating to system performance.  E.g. "Screen must display in less than 1 second".
  • Test - Defines an aspect of the design that facilitates testing of the system.  E.g. "Must be able to place an order using a dummy credit card number".
  • Change Request - A change to an existing system.  E.g. "Add ability to sort by email address".
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    Bannister, Lynn (VITA)

    Is there any way I can mask the 'REQ' from the requirements. The reason why I am asking is that I am in the enterprise architect group and we have what items that are called Principals, Recommended Practices and Requirements. I have created custom fields for these items but my group just does not want to see the REQ in front of them.

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    Bannister, Lynn (VITA)

    Also, where can I read more information concerning the functionality for Requirements CC. I'd like to know what some of the symbols mean. But also wondering how can I include information that I have in packages that are not a requirements

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    Doug Earl

    Hi Lynn,
    Are you hoping to hide the REQ within CaseComplete itself, or in a custom Word report for example? There's no way to mask it in CaseComplete. You can of course add a secondary prefix if that helps to clarify its purpose, e.g. REQ-practice-123.

    Regarding, there's not a user manual or anything like that. We do have several videos however, but not sure that's what you're looking for. What symbols do you need clarification on?

    Regarding including information in packages that are not requirements, all the major types should automatically be included. What information are you noticing that's missing?

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