Requirement Types

CaseComplete supports the following requirement types.  You may add to or remove from this list via Tools / Built-in Fields (or Tools / Predefined Fields in version 2010 R2 or earlier).  As with all built-in fields, you may also type in any value, even if it doesn't appear in the list.

  • Functional - Defines a behavior of the system, e.g. "Users must be able to print the form".
  • Non-Functional - Defines quality of service aspects of your system such as performance, reliability, scalability, etc. E.g. "User interface must be fully accessible (Section 508 compliant)".
  • Business Rule - Defines business processes or regulations that your application must adhere to. E.g. "Tax must be collected for customers in WI, MN and MI".
  • Constraint - Defines a limit that the design of the system must take into consideration.  E.g. "Must support browser versions 6.0 and later".
  • Performance - A specific kind of non-functional requirement relating to system performance.  E.g. "Screen must display in less than 1 second".
  • Test - Defines an aspect of the design that facilitates testing of the system.  E.g. "Must be able to place an order using a dummy credit card number".
  • Change Request - A change to an existing system.  E.g. "Add ability to sort by email address".
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