Generating an activity diagram

An activity diagram is a visual representation of the steps and extensions in a use case.

An activity diagram is automatically generated for every use case. To view it, open the use case details form and select the Diagram tab. The diagram will remain in sync with the use case as you add, remove and change the order of steps.

In some cases you may need to generate a permanent activity diagram. For example, if you want it uploaded to or Jira, or if you want to edit the diagram after it gets generated. The generated diagram will become a child diagram of the use case.

To generate a new activity diagram:

  1. Choose a use case that already has the flow of events filled in
  2. Right click on it in the main list or in the project browser and select Generate Activity Diagram. Alternatively, click the appropriate toolbar button.
  3. You will be asked if you want to save the diagram when you close it.

Changes made to use case steps will not automatically update permanent activity diagrams.  You can refresh an activity diagram in one of two ways:

  1. Right click on the activity diagram in the project browser and select Regenerate Activity Diagram
  2. Alternatively, right click on the use case and select Generate Activity Diagram.  You will be prompted whether you want to refresh the existing diagram or generate an additional activity diagram.


  • If the last step of an Extension contains a number, it will be interpreted as the step number in the main flow to return to. A red circled number will be generated for these steps.  For example, if the step reads "Continue at step 4", a red 4 will be generated instead of the text of the step.
  • Likewise if the text of the last step of an extension ends with "ends", "terminates", or "finishes" as in "The use case ends", a stop symbol will be generated instead of the text of the step.
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