"Convert File" dialog shows during report generation

You may receive the following dialog multiple times when generating a report:


This is caused by a setting in Microsoft Word.  To turn off this setting:

  1. In Word 2007: click on the circle in the upper left corner of Word and select Word Options.  In Word 2010: Click on File and select Options.
  2. Select Advanced and scroll down to the bottom
  3. In the General section, uncheck Confirm file format conversion on open (see screenshot below)


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    Michele Cross

    OK, got all excited and thought this would fix my problem... but alas and alack this dialog box just keeps returning. Each time I unclick this check box it gets checked again somehow.  I have done many reports before and never had this issue until v 5.2.3972 - nor have I ever changed this setting in Word before so not sure how the problem started?

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    Doug Earl


    If there are any instances of Word still running in the background, that might prevent the setting from taking hold.  So please try rebooting your computer and then changing the setting.  If that doesn't help, then we'll have to try and figure out what's causing the setting to change.

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    Michele Cross

    I guess my machine was just tired on Friday.  I had tried rebooting which didn't seem to help. But after a nice long rest over the weekend it is now cooperating first time without me doing anything. Guess I will chalk it up to 'gremlins'... thanks :)

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    Adam Bradley

    Thanks heaps for this tip! I tried what you said and it's now fixed (I'm currently running Word 2003).

    That issue was the one small niggling thing that was bothering me - until I saw this I figured the issue was just something quirky with my machine.

    Thanks again!

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