Before sending your support request

We love to take good care of our users, and with a little help from you, we can get you the answer you need in less time. Here are six things you can do to help us solve your issue quickly:

1. Serial number and CaseComplete version 

Please include your serial number and what precise version of CaseComplete you are using. If you're unsure how to find this information, see this article for instructions.

2. Details matter 

Be as specific as you can about the problem or question that you have. If there is an error message, be sure to make a note of that, and include the error details. Having enough information up front means that we don't have to bug you for more before we can dive into the issue and get you an answer.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

If you can, take a screenshot of the error message or problem. There are a bunch of screen capture programs available, or you can just use Alt + PrintScr on your keyboard to put an image of the currently-running application onto your clipboard. Paste that into a Word document and attach it to your support request.

4. Version of Office

If you are having reporting issues, don't forget to tell us what version of Microsoft Office you're using.

5. Operating system

Let us know what operating system you're using. This is particularly important when you're experiencing any sort of crash or other odd behavior. Sometimes that is the clue that will solve the mystery.

6. Got files?

If you're having a problem with a report template, send it along with your support request. If you have a problem that is peculiar to a particular project, zip up those files and send them. We respect your privacy when you send that kind of information - it is only used for troubleshooting your problem and is destroyed after it's no longer needed.

It can also be helpful to use a standardized naming convention when describing your issue to us. The picture below describes how we commonly refer to various areas of the CaseComplete window.

Area Names

If you've already submitted a report request and want to add any of the above information, it's easy. Just respond to the confirmation email you received (make sure our email isn't in your spam/junk filter). Any text above the message body will be automatically added to your ticket. Or, log into our support site to use our ticketing system to update your ticket. Use the dropdowns to choose your version of CaseComplete, your version of Office and your operating system. Enter your serial number in the appropriate text box. Add files or images in the Attchements area below the comments section. Click on the Add File link to search for the files or just drag and the drop the files into the attachments area. Simple, right?

Relax now - help is on the way. We'll have an answer for you in a jiffy.

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