Add a Requirement Reference

Requirements can be referenced by use cases, definitions and other requirements. A given requirement may be referenced by multiple items. For example, you may have a performance requirement indicating that a screen must be rendered in some amount of time. Any use case which brings up a screen may reference that requirement. By adding requirement references, you can use the traceability tab and the Requirements Cross Reference Word report to see what is impacted when a given requirement changes.

One way to add a requirement reference is described below. Other techniques that use drag and drop are also available.

To add a requirement reference to a Use Case, Definition, or another Requirement, open the details form for that element. Choose the Traceability tab and click the Add Requirement References… button.

add referenced requirements

Choose the referenced requirements from the popup list by checking and unchecking the requirements you wish to add or remove. To help you find a specific requirement if the list is long, you can use the package filter to show just the requirements for a specific package, or enter its name or id in the search box. And as with all lists in CaseComplete, you can sort by clicking on the column header, or sort on multiple columns by holding Shift while clicking.

requirements popup

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