Add Main Success Scenario (flow of events)

Open the use case details form by double clicking on a use case in the details list or project browser, or right-mouse click on the use case and choose Open details… from the context menu.

use case form

A few things to note in this screen shot:

  1. You can use numbered steps or prose to document the flow of events.
  2. The text can be increased using the “A” button when using a conference room projector.
  3. The flow of events section and description can be expanded to use the entire window.
  4. You can change the size of the window and the fields will resize accordingly.

You can have multiple use case windows open simultaneously allowing you to easily switch between two or more use cases. When you switch to another use case, or back to the main application, your changes will automatically be applied (although it is still up to you to save your changes to the project before closing it).

Add the steps to your Flow of Events by entering each step and hitting the Enter key to create a new step. You can use Tab and Shift-Tab to increase or decrease each step's indent level.

If you make a mistake, you can press Ctrl+Z to undo, or go to the main window and select the undo button in the title bar.

The steps for a use case named Schedule Appointment might look like this:

flow of events

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