Add Fields to a Definition

Definitions can be used to document the data entities in your system. For example, in a patient scheduling system, an "appointment" has a day, a time, an office, a patient, a doctor, amount of time reserved, and a reason for the visit. By capturing this as part of the definition of Appointment you can ensure that everyone has an accurate picture of what that means and the data that are associated with it.

Add fields to a definition by first selecting it in the Definitions tab and then select the Fields tab below:

add dictionary fields from tab

Click in the fields table to start adding a field. Enter the name of the field, what type of information it is, and a brief description. Note that the type can be a simple text or number type, or can be another definition.

As an alternative to adding fields here, you can double click on a definition to open its details form and add them there.

To describe formatting and storage requirements of a field, you can add constraints to it.

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