Create Use Cases and Stories from Goals

Actor goals are a good starting place for other kinds of requirements. Once you have a few goals defined, you can create use cases or user stories from them. The goals will then trace to the new elements you create. To do this, choose Tools / Use Cases From Actor Goals or User Stories from Goals. 

Create Use Cases from Actor Goals menu

 A form will open that allows you to select which goals you want to create new items from. If you want the name of the generated use case or story to be different than the goal, select the goal and choose the Set Custom Name button.

Create use cases from actor goals dialog

The ID of the newly generated item will appear in the name of the goal as an ID link. and the text color will change to gray to keep it visually distinct from goals that haven't been generated yet. In addition, the next time you bring up the dialog, goals that have already been generated will not be shown by default, but you can view them by checking the Show already done checkbox.

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