What's the latest version?

You can always check to see if you have the latest version by choosing Tools / Check for Updates.

You can also check the release history to see what's been changed in recent builds.

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    Tom Hassell

    I have the latest version of 2013 but there is a newer version. I thought that when we went from 2012R2 to the first release of 2103 that checking for updates indicated a new version was available and that I could start the upgrade automatically. It now looks like I have to get a trial version and manually start the update. Am I correct in the upgrade path?

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    Matt Terski

    Hi Tom,
    When there is an update to the release you're already using, we'll ask if you want to download and install it on the spot.

    When a new release is available, we direct you to a web page describing the new release with an option to download the trial version of that new release.
    You can activate this trial version if your license key is current.

    Also, an update to an existing version will replace the old one but a new release will run alongside your existing release until you uninstall the old one.

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