Can I get a license for my second computer?

Yes, we do allow installing CaseComplete on a second computer for which you are the primary user by request. Download and install CaseComplete on your second computer and go through the activation process using your original serial number, then send us your request and we'll adjust your license for use on your second system.

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    I am very pleased with CaseComplete that I bought last year and now I would like to install the same on my second computer for which I am a primary user. However, I have already downloaded a trial version.
    I am not sure where am I entering an original serial number??
    Could you please help me with my install and licencing adjustment?

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    Doug Earl

    Hi Viral,
    You can find the Activate button on the Tools tab which will allow you to enter your serial number. As far as installing on a second system, just send an email to support letting us know your serial number and we'll get you set up.


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