How is CaseComplete Licensed?

Upon receipt of your order we will immediately email you a license key (serial number). This key will be the same for everyone in your organization. Each user must install the latest version of the software on their computer and use the key to activate it by clicking Tools / Activate.

Licenses are perpetual; you may use CaseComplete for as long as you like. In addition, you will receive free upgrades for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you wish to continue receiving upgrades after a year, you can renew to receive another year of upgrades. To see which version your key is eligible to activate, enter your serial number here.

You may transfer a license to another user. Instructions are here.

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    Adam Bradley

    Hi Doug,

    I persuaded the company I work for (AHM Health Insurance) to purchase a Small Team (5 user license) of CC. It wasn't that hard actually.....I demonstrated the functionality and they were sold!  We received the license a couple of days ago (from Ron Phillips).

    Regarding licensing, could you please confirm if my understanding below is correct:


    AHM have purchased 5 licenses of CC so therefore it can be used concurrently

    on up to 5 different P.C.’s at any one point in time.


    Now, if we have say 10 users in the team (and 10 P.C.’s) we can actually install

    CC on all 10 P.C.’s.  We can activate 5 of those copies – the other 5 copies will

    function in “trial” mode for 30 days (from date of installation). After the 30 days

    is up, CC will not function on those in “trial” mode. If we then wanted to activate

    CC on say 2 of the P.C.’s that were running in “trial” mode, we would first simply

    need to ‘deactivate’ the license on two of the already activated P.C.’s and then

    activate CC on the 2 P.C.s that we wanted to switch the license over to.


    Is that right?




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    Ron Phillips

    Licenses are per machine, yes. So you can have a total of five licenses activated at the same time. I suppose you could do what your suggesting with the trial mode, but remember that you only get one trial per machine. We've worked hard to price CaseComplete at a level where it's easier to buy the number of licenses you need. If you've got ten people using CaseComplete in your revenue-generating activities we sure hope that you'll license all ten seats. That helps us continue to deliver great software with great support!

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    Adam Bradley

    Hi Ron,

    The reason I asked the question about installing it on 10 machines is because within our team we actually have a number of people that "float" from machine to machine . ie. some members split their time between manning a service desk and at other times they are involved in project work.  I understand that we're entitled to only use 5 copies concurrently, I'm not trying to suggest that we can get around this limitation by abusing the ability to run in "trial" mode.  At my company we have fairly rigid governance policies and procedures in place - to get CC installed I have to go through a formal process and a specialised team has to install it on the machines. Where I was coming from, is that it makes sense to me that I put in a single request to get it installed on all 10 machines at the same time as opposed to having to put in seperate requests down the really my question was more technical-based, as in, would that work as I've described, as opposed to us trying to skirt around the 5 concurrent user limit. Our current reality is that we would not have a need to run more that 5 concurrent users - if/when this occurs we most certainly would purchase the additional licenses.  I agree with you 100% that the software is great with great support!



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    Ron Phillips

    Yes, understood completely. your scenario is exactly why we've made it easy to move a license activation from one machine to another. We're pretty easy to work with too - if you have some special licensing needs, chance are pretty good that we'll be able to help you out. Just let us know!

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    Adam Bradley

    Awesome, thanks Ron!

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    Layna Gunderson

    What are the steps when the annual renewal is received? I have the new license number but under Tools/Activate, Activate is disabled.

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    Jason Payne


    To put your new key in CaseComplete, click Tools / Deactivate first to remove your old license. This will close the software, and when you restart CaseComplete you can enter the new one.

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    Mark Dobrowski

    We use virtual desktops in our office. Every time a user logs into Windows they can get a different computer. Is there a way to license for this type of environment? We are using VMware, we also have Citrix as a backup option.

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